Oct. 17, 2021

41 Link Love

41 Link Love

 In today’s episode, we will be catching up with the latest postal bulletin, diving into some Link Love, and looking at a great summary of FPC.ink.


John- nope (but going to a pen swap today)

Evan-celebratory pen? (hasn’t arrived yet)

Graf Von FC Storm Grey Ink

Franklin-christoph is having an online pen show on Oct 19th. 



Holiday shipping deadlines




Vietnamese creative agency Ki Saigon has designed a book out of recycled plastic containing letters to read a millennium from now.

Chicago Pen Show recaps









AMA (ask me anything) with AOC (US Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez). She showed off her three favorite pens (Kaweco Sport, Fischer Space pen and Pilot Precise V5)

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41 Link Love take 2

[00:00:00] John: Welcome to episode 41 of stationery or where we are all here to learn more about creative letter writing. I'm your host John West, and I'm joined by my cohost Evan Harris. And in today's episode, we'll be catching up with the latest poster bulletin, diving into some link love and looking at a great summary of the Fountain Pen companion dot Inc website.

 We're going to start out with acquisitions and I currently don't have any, but we've got a pen swap coming up today. So hopefully by the next time around, I'll have some news on that side. But Evan, on the other hand has a celebratory pen. That's going to be coming. You want to talk about.

[00:00:34] Evan: that's right. I mentioned it a little in our last episode with David Parker, AKA Figboot about how I had my eye on a Visconti on eBay. The one I had saved actually disappeared. In other words, I think it was bought and I had that link saved since about 2015. 

[00:00:50] John: It's amazing how to stuff like that. Just vanishes at the one point where you really want it.

[00:00:55] Evan: Now that I have a new job to celebrate I have ordered a pen and [00:01:00] thanks to people in the fountain pen slack, we were able to find another one of the same pen limit limited edition viscosity from. 2015. And so I'll talk about that more next time, because there'll be here in a few days.

But what it did get to fill the ink with is I went to my local fountain pen store while I was running errands down mountain and I bought some Graf von Faber Castell storm, gray ink. That'll go well in the pen I think. 

[00:01:23] John: Excellent. Congratulations on the new job. That's definitely going to be fun. 

[00:01:29] Evan: Thank You 

[00:01:30] John: getting to see how you handle the moving and moving around.

[00:01:34] Evan: We'll be splitting time, but moving again, 

[00:01:38] John: Yeah, it was not a great idea, you gotta do what you gotta do. That's how you that's how you make money. Stay. 

[00:01:44] Evan: exactly. 

[00:01:46] John: Yep. And see a note in here that Franklin Christoph is having an online pen show on October 19th. So for all of you who are not making it out to some of the physical shows, like the Chicago show that we'll be [00:02:00] talking about later you have a chance to go and do an online show.

[00:02:04] Evan: Yeah, I still haven't made it to a physical pen show. That is a goal of mine next year, to make it to at least one. But I'm going to take a look on Tuesday when the Franklin Christoph pens, or having you show cause I've been interested in some of their stuff as well. 

[00:02:17] John: That's cool. Yeah. The pen swap that I'm going to today is the downgraded version of what would have been the Colorado pen show that it just didn't work out. It wasn't canceled necessarily due to COVID, but it was canceled due to staffing due to COVID. 

[00:02:33] Evan: Yeah. 

[00:02:34] John: Yeah. So we're a weird world. We still live in.

And next one on our show notes is the, some of the stuff from the postal service, including a new postal bulletin.

[00:02:44] Evan: That's right. There is not as much in the, in this postal bulletin as we sometimes see, there are a lot of really specific local postmarks. It seems none of which really speak out to me. 

[00:02:56] John: Yeah, I'm in the same category. You are. None of those really [00:03:00] spoke out to me that I really needed to go do that, but for everyone that's out there, please go check out the postal bulletin because it's, it is widespread. It is all over the country and you might find something locally that will really tickle your fancy.

[00:03:15] Evan: I did just see a good pun. I missed earlier though. 

[00:03:18] John: Oh no, 

[00:03:19] Evan: There's 

[00:03:20] John: missed the two then.

[00:03:21] Evan: oil Dorado. That's not pun and originally I thought the postmark was of the capital building. But it is of an oil. rig and the two pumps on either side. We'll look at the Capitol building. But so I was looking at again and said, what is this oil Dorado? I like the pun it's the best. One of this of this postal bulletin 

[00:03:41] John: the interesting part about the oil Dorado is that postmark comes out of California, which I typically don't associate very much with oil production.

[00:03:51] Evan: That is true, but my dad's high school had an oil rage on campus., but it's still there. 

[00:03:56] John: The bigger piece of news is that [00:04:00] earlier this month, the USP S came out with an article that highlighted the news for the holidays, including some of the new pricing, some of the new. increases. But most importantly it has the 20, 21 holiday shipping deadlines. So there'll be a link in the show notes for this.

So you can get out and take a look at this, but for the domestic stuff it's getting split around December 15th. Pretty much it is going to be one of the last days to get stuff out in the mail.

And then if you're in Hawaii really you're going to be doing that priority mail and priority mail express. You don't get to go normally for that. So beautiful place to live, hard place to ship.

[00:04:46] Evan: and sadly you should always be aware of mail deadlines around the holidays. This year is especially 

[00:04:52] John: Yeah. And again, they've got the deadlines, but that also is not a guarantee. No matter what they tell [00:05:00] you staff can get delayed and misplaced. And unless you have something that has tracking on it. And so I'd be really careful about shipping this holiday season.

 And the other item coming from the other side of the pond is a, the Instagram account for the Royal mail official posted up some new stamps from.

[00:05:22] Evan: That's right. The Royal mail is always interesting to see what they're coming out with. These are some of the newer stamps and they seem to produce stamps at a much higher rate than we do. These are rugby union stamps, celebrating some of the most iconic games through the duration of rugby union.

So there are both men's and women's games featured in the stamps they have the stores from.

the various games with an iconic scene. I'm not a huge expert in rugby, but we were talking a little bit about it before the recording. And it seems there was a schism in the rugby world in 1895 that split rugby into rugby union and rugby league.

And so through the years really does give quite a long time. [00:06:00] 

[00:06:00] John: Yeah, yeah, 1895 for rugby union. This isn't a, this isn't the new spring chicken that's out there. And there, are some hard feelings still between the two groups. 

[00:06:11] Evan: Yeah, it's athlete rugby and it is and it's 15 aside or 13 aside, depending on if you're playing lead or union, or is it union and league either way. It's a lot of players. 

[00:06:23] John: Yep. Absolutely. And moving along the a disclaimer on this one is that I was going through and working on the show notes for this episode. And I thought let's go out and take a look at what Anna Reinert has on the well-appointed desk for some of her link love and. I'll admit most of the rest of the show is pulling stuff from her.

Some of her link love links just because they are so good. I highly recommend anyone that's out there. Go check out well appointed desk. I haven't pulled anything out of her inks or pens sections. Most [00:07:00] of this is out of the other category, but it is. Definitely a great website and as a great resource for the fountain pen community.

She has an article in there about. With some of your favorite stationery resources like fountain pen companion, and the pen addict and the gentlemen station are in those kinds of groups. And we'll talk about a little bit more about that later, but as a reminder, Anna and the well-appointed desk also has a Patrion.

If you want to get out and help support them, please do that's one of the ways that we're going to keep a lot of these stationery resources alive during the pandemic. Winding down, quote unquote. It's still some hard times out there as we'll talk about, later on about the pen shows.

[00:07:47] Evan: That's right. 

[00:07:50] John: So one of the first one out of the gate on this is that a Vietnamese. Creative agency called Ki Saigon has come out with [00:08:00] a art project, a really cool art project, and it's called letters to the future and it is written or typed letters, but they wrote or typed on. Plastic that has a degradation cycle that will not break down in the next thousand years.

So this is a time capsule that doesn't actually need a time capsule. And they had a lot of trial and error during the. Creation of the book. I'm sure there was a lot of problems with trying to find inks that would work with particular plastics, but they bound the whole thing together and wrote letters to their children's children's children's children a thousand years in the future.

So that was a cool project.

[00:08:45] Evan: It's really neat. Paper and parchment can survive very long times. The dead sea scrolls are more than 2000 years old and they're on vellum. But that is under ideal conditions. Plastic under the worst [00:09:00] conditions is expected to last more than a thousand years. 

[00:09:03] John: Yup. Yup. And they did a great job. They use different colors of plastic and it looks like they might've even pulled some stuff that was like multicolored and bound, the whole thing together. And Neat public awareness kind of a campaign. And of course it, in fact that it was letter writing definitely hit my radar.

[00:09:23] Evan: Yeah. And it appears to the letters are written in several different languages, which has also. 

[00:09:30] John: Yeah, for sure. So the other one that I teased a little bit earlier is The well-appointed desk link love had a number of links out to the gentlemen stationer and the pen addict for their Chicago. Pen Show 2021 recaps. And I really wanted to hit on this mainly because I wanted to give some more love out to.

Kirk from Penn realm, he was the only pen grinder at the Chicago pen show. So why do you go to Kirk? 

[00:09:59] Evan: Yeah. [00:10:00] 

[00:10:00] John: It, they definitely had a drain on the number of participants that were coming in.

[00:10:08] Evan: Yeah. That's why I heard a lot of, I know a lot of people are very happy with what they got from Kirk at the show. 

Another one of the things that we saw in the pen edit article recap is that the Tinteras podcast with professor Coleman And Eric Gama had their own booth at the Chicago pen show.

I believe they're both in the Chicago land area now. Really neat for them. I have no ability to understand Spanish, so I don't listen, but both of them are really great guys.

[00:10:36] John: So what was really cool about the Ink Tinteras gentlemen? Bringing their ink to the show is that somehow they were able to work it out and they've got it as a collaboration with sailor, which is super cool.

And they brought these two inks to the Chicago pen show that. Our Spanish culture related one is spicy Chipolte day, which is a dark [00:11:00] roasted pepper, a color. And then the other one is homemade tortilla, which is this beautiful golden yellow, like what you'd expect to see in a well cooked tortilla.

So those guys are definitely out there and doing their own thing with the Ink Tinteras podcast and trying to get their listeners some fun stuff to buy. The other one I wanted to go back to is the gentlemen station or had his Chicago pen show recap, but he also had another article that I saw as I was going through his website afterward.

And he has an entire guide on swapping fountain pen nibs from easy to expert. And I think this is just an absolutely fantastic article. And the easy ones are what you'd expect there. The the Jowo and Bock and Twsbi because all of those are interchangeable nib units and you just unscrew one, make sure it's clean on screw on, put the note next one on.

And that's the reason [00:12:00] why you'll hear a lot of jowo holders or bock nib holders, those kinds of things out on the market because people have their favorite jowo nibs, or favorite bock nibs. And you just keep exchanging those nibs through all of your pin collection. If you are able to curate your collection in that direction, and then.

You go into some of the more intermediate and advanced stuff, the advanced stuff you're getting into having to buy stuff from flexible nib factory, and it's stuff that I'm not willing to play with right now. That's why I take stuff to nib grinders.

[00:12:37] Evan: And there are two things. I feel like you missed first of which is level zero, which is Lamy,

[00:12:44] John: really.

[00:12:45] Evan: Lamy, nibs are incredibly easy to change. You don't even have to change the feed because they'll slip on and off insanely easily chain changing. Not the 2000, but the safari, the all star, the dialogue three and SIM and all, and basically everything.

[00:13:00] But the 2000 changing the nib. Much easier than even changing a nib unit. So that's the level zero and the other is something I've been working on in the

on the side, which is instead of which is building your own sessions. So you can change out the, so you can put new nib units in a body. 

[00:13:19] John: Yeah, that's getting to a insane level. I'll let you, I'll let you walk that path alone.

[00:13:24] Evan: I just need to figure out, the thing that I'm working on right now, that is the problem is ensuring that I have the right threads that I think I have for the pen. Once you figure that out, the rest is very simple. A two-page iterated. 

[00:13:38] John: Oh yeah. I had mentioned this before and there's. Blog page on the well-appointed desk. And the gentlemen stationer has also linked back into this in one of his blogs, but it actually has a list on here of blogs or podcasts that you should consider supporting.

These [00:14:00] challenging times. And she's got a great list here for some various blogs and YouTube and podcasts. So it's definitely worth going out and taking a look out. I'll have the link in there. And I think most of these folks have their own Patrion. I don't know if there are a lot of them that are, have gone the PayPal route, but I think most of these have patriotic.

[00:14:26] Evan: I believe you're correct. 

[00:14:28] John: Okay. And the next item on the list is for all of the mail art folks that are out there. There's a link on here from the postman's knock for a black Crow, Halloween mail art, and it's a really nice, step-by-step kind of an instruction set for making the Stansel and getting it painted and clicker fee added to it.

So that it'll actually go on to the envelope and a really nice tutorial here. [00:15:00] So highly recommend that. And I'm sure that. Lindsey has a handful of other tutorials on there. I just haven't had a chance to dig through the rest of the website, but if any of you are wanting to get creative during this Halloween season, please look her up.

[00:15:16] Evan: Yeah, no, it's a real, really beautifully done painting. Th the stencil I could probably do the painting is above my ability. One of the things I really like in. 

[00:15:24] John: Clariphy is above mine.

[00:15:26] Evan: Oh, the calligraphy. I'm not even touching this but one of the things that Lindsay points out in this article that I really liked is that it's not like it's still a black Crow, So it's Halloweeny, but it feels more autumnal than just specifically Halloween with monsters of the, such.

It's not let you put on Frankenstein's monster or a werewolf or something.


It's really pretty. 

[00:15:48] John: yeah, that was so the next big thing that we have. On our show notes. And it's great to get to catch up with folks that I've had on as guests of the show [00:16:00] and urban Hafner. I was able to sit down with me a while back and he was talking about fountain pen companion with me, and he's made his rounds through the stationery podcast world.

And brad Dowdy had him on with him on the pen addict, but there was also an article that came out not long afterward that Kimberly did for the pen addict, and it is all about the fountain pen companion.

And the really cool part to me about this article is that Kimberly is not. Just a casual user of fountain pen companion. She is number four on the ink collection list, which is a really impressive credential to bring into an article like.

[00:16:45] Evan: Yeah, I found a pen, but I use fountain pen companion of decent and keeping up with it. However, my end collection is nowhere near anywhere on the leaderboard. 

[00:16:54] John: Yeah, I've gone through and put my fountain pen collection [00:17:00] into a spreadsheet. And since I am a patron with. The fountain companion, I may see about sending that spreadsheet into urban and see if he can just upload it into my account. So that's definitely one of those nice little side benefits to being.

[00:17:17] Evan: So in the overall inks leaderboard, 10th place is 1068 inks currently. 

[00:17:26] John: Yeah. When I said it was an impressive number, I'm not kidding. Some of these folks have got a massive collections.

[00:17:33] Evan: So some some of the people in the notable top at number 13, the well-appointed. Number 12, Inca, Dora. Number nine. Interdependence Mike number four, all the hobbies. Number two mountain of ink. 

[00:17:47] John: Yup. And number one, the local, Colorado favorite from castle rock, Jesse rain, the reigning champion.

[00:17:57] Evan: It is a it's a neat list and you get to see some, some of [00:18:00] the people, because they are prolific in the community and I have to well-appointed desk, like mountain of ink, liking dependence might and others 

[00:18:07] John: Yeah I'm really honestly surprised that mountain of ink is not the number one, just because she is so prolific in her ink reviews. if any of you are curious about what a particular ink looks like, how it compares to another Inc, that you might be looking at? Definitely go out, check out.

Are. Collection on the leaderboard is 2,369 inks and just,

[00:18:36] Evan: Nearly 200 behind first place. 

[00:18:39] John: yeah. Yeah, exactly. 

[00:18:41] Evan: Yeah. So at its heart as is this just in the article, I found a.

petty opinion. Isn't in contracting tool. 

[00:18:49] John: Yep. Ink, trucking, and found pen tracking. And currently ain't tracking.

[00:18:53] Evan: you're currently inked is what I use it most for. 

[00:18:56] John: Yeah, it is a really great website for [00:19:00] folks that are in the hobby and really wants some advanced tools. And urban has been really great about adding features into this platform. And going back through, he does a lot of QA QC, trying to figure out. How these various ink names and ink manufacturers relate to one another because people.

putting this information in and they're just reading off the boxes and sometimes it looks like what another person puts in and sometimes it is completely off. So thank you so much to urban for all of the work that he puts into the fountain pen companion. And I highly encourage everyone to go check out Kimberly's article.

It is a really great primer on the fountain pen company.

[00:19:47] Evan: Absolutely. 

[00:19:50] John: And then last and most certainly not least. I've got an article in here. That's one of us, one of us, one of us, [00:20:00] there was a a thread that came through on Twitter and. Regardless of where you sit politically. It is nice to know that somebody who is in the us house of representatives, namely Alexandria, Ocasio, Cortez, otherwise known as AOC is a stationery geek.

And I, that just brings joy to my heart, that she came out as being a stationery lover and somebody had. had done a ask me anything. And one of the questions that came up are I saw your fountain pen, what are your top three pens? And she answered that and she answered it specifically saying, thank you for this question.

I am obsessed with stationery. Join the club. AOC. Welcome. Welcome to.

[00:20:50] Evan: That's right. She's got this started on as an Instagram AMA and she went into a little more depth, but effectively the rest of it was just her in video saying what she wrote in the first post. [00:21:00] The, so her three pens of Twilio sport with an extra fine nib. You never know the quality of the paper you're getting.

So the fi the extra-fine definitely is. It's useful there. The second one is actually the one I'm most interested in, even though it's not a fountain pen, it's a us house of representatives, space pen, 

[00:21:16] John: Yep. And yeah. When you look at the the picture for this, it looks like it's got the actual seal of the house of representatives as a medallion on it.

[00:21:24] Evan: Exactly. That's why I think it's really cool. This quite a, sport's a little too small for my hand. That's why I don't have one, but it is a very good pen. There's just a space pen with the house of rep with any government seal on it.

is pretty. 

[00:21:39] John: Yeah. Yeah. The Coco sport, I carried a breasts Quaker sport pocket pen for a long time. And it was only replaced when I got hold of the shown a pocket pen, the pocket six. And because of that larger size 600.[00:22:00] 

[00:22:00] Evan: Yeah, I that's. I want to try a piece. Let's see if it fits my hand better. Maybe hopefully next year I'll make it to a pen show. 

[00:22:08] John: Yeah, the really nice thing about the shown design pocket six is that it is a thread post on it. So you don't have any kind of a step as you're moving up the pen and it, I think it is a little bit longer than a post. Quaker sport. So it might work better for you. My favorite pen on this list is simply because I've played with this pen before, and I think it's a really cool pen just for the basic pin.

But given that there's a hack you can do with it, it takes it to a whole nother level. Her number three pen. Is the pilot precise V five in blue and black ink. And she says she's used these since high school throughout college. And I'm completely on board with that. I've used a pilot precise V five for a long [00:23:00] time for a lot of different reasons.

And, but the hack that I found after I got into fountain pens is that there is a version of the precise V five called the tech point. It is a cartridge fit. Version of that pin. You can use the aspirator and flush the nib out, even though it's one of the, it's a needle point style nib, you can flush it out using an aspirator refill, the cartridge with whatever fountain penning Keywan, I'd stay away from glitter stuff, just because it is very fine for the way of the capillary action works on that pen.

And then you have to scribble on it quite a bit to get it to re feed. In my opinion, it is the best ink ball roller pen on the market. Beyond what from G her bond or some of the other manufacturers. And I think it's just because of the nibs are so fine that it really controls how much ink is coming out.[00:24:00] 

Yeah. It's a pain in the butt to do the hack, but once you have the pen hacked, especially with something like California, Andrew, and Opal, it's just a great.

[00:24:10] Evan: Yeah, no I did not know there was a cartridge fed version. I'm going to have to put you into that for my, when I can't be carrying your fountain pen, but yeah, the V five was for, until I've gotten into found a Pence was for many years my go-to pen. 

[00:24:23] John: Yeah, there they are. They're great pans, but yeah, I definitely wanted to mention the hack on being able to refill those. With fountain pen ink, and they work wonderfully. So that is going to do it for this episode of stationery orbit. Thank you all for tuning in, be proud of your snail mail.