March 20, 2022

52 Getting Straight with Straits Pens

52 Getting Straight with Straits Pens

And in today's episode, we are joined live from Singapore by the two founders of Straits Pens, Sunny and Lip, and they were kind enough to come on the show with us to discuss their Honest Inks line and the state of their Myu and Murex collections.

Straits Pens - pens, Honest Inks and bespoke ink mixing.

CYs tear down

Hero (Wingsung) 698

Hero 850

3776 Century

Clarification from Lip Sing:
In regards to the 4 new colours, I mentioned about Peranakan. They are actually also called Straits-born Chinese. They are basically Chinese that married the Malay women and have their own culture and food that is Malay influenced and have a very interesting culture. For the caucasian that married local women, they are known as Eurasians. 


52 Getting straight with Straits Pens

John: [00:00:00] Welcome to episode 52 of stationary, urban, where we are all here to learn more about creative letter writing. I'm your host John West, and I'm joined by our co-host Evan Harris. And in today's episode, we are joined live from Singapore by the two founders of Straits Pens, Sunny and Lip, and they were kind enough to come on the show with us to discuss their honest inks line and the state of their Myu and Murex collections. So welcome Sonny and lip. It's nice to talk to you guys.

Sunny: Hi from Singapore. Good morning from Singapore.

John: And I'm also in Singapore and have had a chance to actually make it out to Straits, Pens, to talk with sunny and lip. And the, these guys came on my radar years ago now back in 20 18, 20 19, when they hit the San Francisco Pen show. And they came up with their honest inks line, which in my opinion, were some of the better named.

Inks on the market just because of how snarky they are [00:01:00] and, I'm just gonna go for snark all the time. So I wanted to ask you guys out of all of the honest inks line, can you give us two stories for or a story for two of the honest ink names that you came up with?

Sunny: All right. I can start with our most iconic that we have is called poor Sapphire, which is actually, we set up to create a color clone of our packs pen Sapphire, but we didn't take quite a good job in terms of matching the color, but it's actually. Very usable and very nice in, so we decided to call Pullman Sapphire because Parker pen Sapphire, when I last checked three years ago was what, 180 us dollars a bottle right 


John: Yeah, that sounds right.

Sunny: It's just too expensive for regular use. And I taught and before that I taught LANs British racing green was [00:02:00] bad, but I think the prices of Penman, I have really exceeded 


John: yeah, you get those vintage inks and the the prices skyrocket pretty fast.

Sunny: Well, 

Lip: As for myself it will be Bogan Villa purple cause. It's one of those colors that we grew up with, especially in Singapore. If you are from a Singapore Changi international airport on the east coast Parkway, you'll see one whole line of Bo Villa flowers. Okay. Most of the time they're flowering, you come in the various colors, like the orange, the pinkish looking thing.

The purple, which is the more common variety. So that was one of the most iconic things that we grew up that I grew up with throughout this year in Singapore. So that's why one of the first color from purple.

John: nice. Well, Good deal. So with straight pens. I know that the pandemic is, has put some real cranks [00:03:00] into everyone's plans, but do you have any upcoming projects for Straits pens?

Lip: We are looking at releasing four new colors. Okay. An orange, yellow, an orange red, yellow orange, sorry. A yellow another blue and a green, the blue, and the pay heritage to our local Straits born Chinese. They are called 

peranakan. Basically your or 

Europeans that came here.

Then they got married to Local ladies for example, the Malaysia or the Chinese. So they picked up trips from the the various backgrounds,

John: Okay. What about the yellow? The yellows are always a difficult color to really nail down.

Sunny: the yellow it's actually Request from one of our friends I have yet to start working on it. Yeah. But it will tend to be slightly darker yellow.

John: okay. Yeah, that, that seems to be the [00:04:00] trick is getting a little bit of shading into a yellow ink so that it actually shows up on the page without having to use like a double broad NB.

Evan: Yeah. I've I have experienced that issue with some yellows before. 

John: Yep. With the upcoming projects and everything the next question concerning the the pandemic is when do you guys think you'll make your triumphant return to the a pen show circuit?

Sunny: home show is always a San Francisco pen show. We didn't actually, when last year was due to a very small issue on insurance, to be very honest because us. For us to return back to Singapore, if we catch COVID overseas, we have to isolate and overseas to be there for 14 days, but most insurance policies will only cover you for seven days.

So now that is being relaxed. So we prob we should be going back to the San Francisco 

Pen Show this year.

John: Okay. [00:05:00] Excellent. I'm sure the folks in San Francisco and in the us will be very happy to hear that

Sunny: yes. And I think that this year I'll be doing less Nib work at the show, actually more teaching, more than anything else. Cause that was my plan originally for last year or year before, if that was a show

Evan: And I think lip Sing would be doing his Be spoke ink service as well again, yeah. Where we'll mix color exactly. To your specifications, just for you using whatever dyes 

Sunny: we have on hand.

John: Wow. That's gonna be a, that's a challenging thing to do on the fly. That's gonna be, that'll be really cool.

Evan: We have been doing that for what? For what? Three, four years now, thereabouts. And we've been quite successful for that. It's just that I don't know whether it's very 

Sunny: well known.

John: Oh, we're getting the word out now. So yeah, it'll be a fun thing to see

Sunny: yep.[00:06:00] 

John: so I'm gonna move off from Inks, and we're gonna move into pens. Wanted to ask your opinion since especially here in Singapore I've been to a couple of shops and man, the found pen scene over here is just crazy compared to where I was at in, in Denver. It's It's so much more robust here, but what do you think is most underrated Pen on the market right now?

Sunny: to 

me, it did well. You have to see the different kind of pens from around the world. I will choose something out of China, despite not being dead is actually the hero. 6 98 piston filler. We have a piston filler in the style of a TWSBI pen. But they have actually added a few innovations to it. First of all, you are actually able to dismantle the pen without any tools compared with the

You need the special wrench to dismantle the [00:07:00] piston, but by the same token, unfortunately, it's very easy to take apart the piston accidentily because you to lift the notch to use the pad to rotate the piston. But one of the benefits of actually this spend is they actually clone the feed and nib completely from 


steel nibs 


So you actually you can take a pilot 

say a Metro, a Priara or any of those cheap steel nibs and end the feed and put it into this pen and you have a perfect pen in my opinion, for a very reasonable price. And the most important thing of it is because you can get the pilot nib onto that pen.

With that tipping material, you actually have the same writing experience using a Myu a Murex or any of the expensive pen [00:08:00] though. They are not that soft, but a perfect steel nib pen. Very underrated in my opinion, with that combination and that possibility to hack.

John: Yeah. When I was getting into fountain pens, that was one of the things especially as I started picking up gold nib pens the pilots and sailors that I actually, I would take along a pilot, metropolitan to the pen meetups in Colorado. And. Have people do side by side, writing with a pilot 8 23, a pilot or a sailor Pro Gear and then the pilot metropolitan.

And it is amazing how good the pilot metropolitan nibs are. So yeah, to be able to Mount that onto a piston filler, that's a great option. 

Evan: I would've loved my Metro a lot more. Had I been able to do that? The nib was wonderful. I say it was, it went down a drain. 

John: Oh,[00:09:00] 

Sunny: but John you are in Singapore now, you know that Singapore pilot actually sells A tanked version with that same need and feed in Mustafa, the departmental store. I do not know whether they have stock now, but for what seven bucks, Singapore, which is for five bucks us, you can actually get the same nib and feed do in one size and it's gold plated.

And try molding that with if 6 98, we cost, what about 20 bucks to get into Singapore 20 bucks plus a minor. So it's actually a very good hack. More that I would think that people should do more because what it is pilots tipping material is the most important part of a pen. It's not so much as so called nib the nib itself the material between steel and gold is how is more of the suspension, but your actual writing is based on the tipping material. And to me, [00:10:00] pilot tipping material, be it on the steel pen or gold nib pen. They actually the same material.

John: Oh, wow. Okay. I have some not aware of.

Sunny: Yeah. 

And I can get the smoothest writing performance as a nib worker out of a pilot pen. Be it still or go nib because of that, because after you tune the nip, you find that's one of the best writing experience you ever will get.

John: Nice. I've got a question for you guys. And this one might end up wrapping into a question later, but both of you I, if my memory serves me correctly have been in the fountain pen world for quite a bit longer than Evan or her eye. And what's changed in the fountain pen world. Since you got into it.

Sunny: It's very hard 

to say, but from the time I join, I noticed that people were more into collecting and So call say I own [00:11:00] a perfect collection of a certain series or pens and other thing. but then you begin to see that people say that I want the writing experience. I do not want to own perfect collections or Parker 50 ones, or all these this, I want to get into say flexible nib writing or calligraphy that has so much change in the sense that.

From completing collections or pents like collecting stems or anything, it becomes now to more using the pen for enjoyment. In fact, even talk to any of the old timers, they would never want to your pens at all. They would just wear water just to make sure that the set 


John: Yeah. And yeah, a perfect example of that, and I'm sure that there was a collector somewhere that Cried himself to sleep. The night I got my pilot Murex I picked it up and it was new, old stock that had been found in the us. And I got hold of that Pen and [00:12:00] immediately inked it up. And I'm sure that there was a great disturbance in the force for some collector somewhere.

Evan: uh, That's. I would say that, over the lot no I've been in. Experience experi was founded in 2013. I've been in the fountain pen world for at least five or six years before that for more than 10 years, you can see the shift from collecting and a bit on the writing calligraphy site to actually enjoying the use.

In fact, I think that's a better shift because That's better development than you just collect. And just say that I have x amount pen in my collection.

John: Yeah. I definitely agree with that observation that I, from what I've been told is that when you went to a Pen show before, it was very dominated by. The vintage sellers, the vintage vendors and everyone that was, there were older guys [00:13:00] that were just trying to complete their collections.

And that's made a really significant shift to a younger crowd, a lot more nib grinding. That's going on a lot more custom pens than I kind of stuff. Yeah, I definitely agree with that observation. So that leads into the next question, which is. Where do you guys think the fountain pen world is gonna go here in the future?

Sunny: To be honest. I do not know where the future stands, mainly because we been part of our touch because of the pandemic and each individual country or community is the developing separately are than through online tools. So there's no collective So called group chat or a focus right now, from what I'm saying, there are too many independent communities though.

I think that there's going to be some tectonic ships right now in the fountain pen wall in 


commercial ships actually [00:14:00] coming up in a very near future. And it's going to be very interesting to see because certain companies are now taking sites 

not to mention 

that. Especially for COVID, there's a lot of new brand names coming up.

Young manufacturers new makers out of, I know of at least one out of Paris, I think. Was it Italy? You can't remember then? There was a few new ones coming out from the us. This actually started off on like things like Kickstarter, you know, get a, a sense of the market. And after that, they've actually been doing pretty well.

John: Yeah, I agree. I think there's been a lot of especially out of Italy, a lot of fallout from the Delta pens dissolution, and then we're starting to see the pen companies starting to pop up. And it honestly seems like they're reforming into the next version of Delta with Leonardo and I don't remember the other brand that's out there, but yeah, tho [00:15:00] those two which one was

Evan: OMA? No. Was it OMA? No. was it? OMA? 

John: No, it wasn't almost, it was and I, yeah, I'm spacing on it, but I think that they've they're definitely working on trying to reform something like Delta. That was there before. And then I agree with you with like Schon designs here in the us, where he started out with ball points and he's shifted into fountain pens and he's just got some really great stuff coming out.

Now. He just did his 10th anniversary at pen and yeah he's just a force to be reckoned with. And I can't. Go into the new market without talking about TWIs V man, they've been really lighting it up. Even during the pandemic. They ended up coming out with the twist and the what was the other one that they had the go that they came up with.

Yeah, those are fun 

Sunny: though they have just actually fired a very big commercial, broad site at a lot of people 

right now.

Evan: yeah. I saw That as well. I have not been able to [00:16:00] go through an engineering analysis to see if there's any validity to it, but they commercially are mad at a lot of people. 

I would say that the You don't need to actually say their claims are actually well founded in terms of how to put it. Your claims are definitely correct. I Do not need to disagree because I know how quite a lot of all these Chinese manufacturers behave and other things.

So cloning pens to them is actually a everyday affair. In fact, the classic 10 that are the, what was it? The pack of 51.

Which was made in the Shanghai Parker 

Sunny: factory. 

That factory was nationalized and that became China's hero company and they made the six 16 hero, which is a exact Parker, 51 clone because it's actually [00:17:00] out of the original Shanghai Parker factory.

You. So that has been so whole rich tradition of being copied and all the thing. So when we talk about 


pens, they have actually two different factories. And one of is the other factory, which actually clones TWSBI me products, very exact. 


the six, nine eighties one 

 Line, which.

CLO that's certain 

Evan: uh, 

Sunny: improvements in CLO and that they innovate. That's why I say the PI mechanism is innovative, but they have a different manufacturer also called hero. And they seem to actually clone twisties mechanism and all the thing. It's a direct one to one clone, but a very good clone.

In fact, if you want to talk about 

bad copies 

what was that name? 

We shall not go into the what Chinese companies clone, but we can actually tell that I actually. [00:18:00] Many clones of German brands, Taiwanese brands, American brands for all, all you can do is actually look on Taal oh, you will see a dime doesn't 

yeah, because the echo was cloned by so many people in China.


it was not funny.

Evan: Yeah. but a lot of The.

 in previous decades, a lot of other companies have cloned and we don't give them flat for anymore. The 37 76 is effectively a Mont Blanc loan.

There are only so many ways to make a pen. And so us get into, at least from my perspective and granted , my. Work is doing intellectual property and engineering stuff.

So this is the sort of thing I would say. If I were, if I owned the intellectual property, I would say, do I need to prosecute or not? That is something I would work on literally in my day job. So it's, that's why I say I haven't had a chance to look at it in that level of detail. 

Lip: that's very true. The cost once, once it talks about [00:19:00] prosecution and then multi jurisdiction and things like that. It becomes a whole totally different ballgame.

John: Yeah. Yeah. They, trying to get into prosecute anyone and China, I think is gonna be a losing proposition, but I. To me, at least I think that TWS B's been doing a really great job and yeah it's up, I'm sure it's upsetting to them that they've got the Chinese that are in their copying.

So many of their designs, but at least to me, if they keep turning out. Better designs. All the Chinese are gonna do is end up following behind them and hopefully they'll be able to maintain their market share just through innovation rather than trying to protect that intellectual property. But I wanted to move along and one thing that struck me while I was chatting with you is, is In the us market.

We're just, I won't say just now figuring out what the mu and MIAX pens were, [00:20:00] but here in the Asia Pacific area, the, those pen designs have been very established and have been collected for quite a bit of time. And I understand that both of you have a pretty substantial collection of those pens.

So how what's your collection looking like today?

Sunny: You want to talk about collection let's 

step back a bit. And the mul the murres. And the what M 90, those are pilot integrated next. They were coming three to four different models and their sub variants underneath it. Then on top of that, we have two integrated names out of Parker, which actually started it, which is the Parker T one and the Parker 50 fo 50, the for 50.

So in terms of collection wise, for me, I actually own [00:21:00] both the immune, the mires and M 90. I actually own five, five and a half M 90 S to be 

exact due to, 

Certain issues with pilot servicing. I'm actually missing cat four M 90 now, 

Butter fingers. Yeah, 

I know. So I do own a a pack Falcon 50, but I do not own a T one.

I do not own white Stripe black strip 7 0 1. 


Other than that, the only other pen that I have haven't own with a integrated name is I heard of a Russian integrated name called Sputnik which is a gold pen. And this one I heard from Nathan party himself, that there was a Russian, I integrated the pen.

So these are the ones missing from my 

Lip: collection for myself. If you talk about a pilot, once I [00:22:00] have only one left, which is the white Stripe 7 0 1. If you're talking about the American parkers I have of organ 50, I do not have a T1. Then after that, there will be another two more that I'm missing.

One would be the pilot version of the murre, which is made in Korea, which is a barely hot very hard to find. I think I have known of only one person that owns it and is based outta Hong Kong. The other one would be the murre that was done with a Taiwanese company, which is no longer in production.

The company is still around. They refuse to sell me their own samples. Other than that yeah, pretty much that product, my entire collection for the 

Sunny: NS. I haven't added my collection of Chinese integrated nibsS and that one, I don't think you guys would be able to actually get 

at all.

[00:23:00] because I do own one hero, 8, 5 0 2 heroes, 8 49, and two other, I think what is it called?

Centrally pallet six or something like that. So yes, I have actually five integrated nibsIS out of China right now in my color action. That is actually something that most people don't even 

know that I have.

John: . One of one thing I wanted to ask Is when we were discussing it in the shop. We were talking about the mu and Murex, and there was a designation that you used for that style of pilot Pen. And I'd forgotten what it was.

Sunny: What 

the integrated nip or 

what was it?

John: no, it's almost like a general model number that you had mentioned.

Sunny: What 7 0 1.

John: That's it. Yep. That's it.

Sunny: okay. Because the 7 0 1 model number is actually referring to the original long, short pen, [00:24:00] the mul the mill 7 0 1, , which was the original pilot model number for the series of steel pens. And this was replicated for the 90th anniversary, which is called the 

M nine T.

John: Okay.

Sunny: Yep.

John: Yep. One thing I wanted to add in and thanks to Evan for getting me corrected on this. I haven't been keeping up on some of the controversy, but apparently the heartburn that TBY was having was actually with Nawal pens and their reproduction of that, this design. So I apologize for the inaccurate statements earlier.

Evan: So I only learned about it from the most recent episode of the pen ATS podcast. And hopefully the show notes won't include the link to this. See why from Tokyo station pens did a tear down of a Toby, a Pelican and a Nawal and a moonman. And apparently the closest matches are the Twispy and pelicans.

As I mentioned earlier I haven't been able to watch the entire video yet, but [00:25:00] I do IP stuff for work, mostly generation, but reviewing what other companies have out there to see are they infringing? 

John: Mm-hmm 

Evan: I don't think any of this would be able to be covered by anything aside from being mad that somebody's doing something similar. 

Sunny: agree.

Evan: I'll love Twispy, but I think they're in the wrong here. 

Sunny: Yeah, the trees be go to me. The only thing they added the innovation was to add a spring to a oh 1940s filling 


Evan: The PIs standard piston fillers, which I'll use utilize basically the same mechanism.

Again, sorry to, they do Have been around for over the amount of time it would, you'd be able to get a patent. So unless TWI has a, something hidden that I've not noticed, which they may, I just don't know anything.

I think Twispy is just being mad and is trying to use their popularity to push around other brands. Also, I believe Nawal based on the names of some of their pens is based in [00:26:00] Philly. Cuz they've got the UCLE. Pen, which is named for a river that is very hard to pronounce, but I have actually remembered it from, because I've wrote on it 

John: Yep. And I know exactly the word you're talking about and I'm glad you pronounced it because there's no way I would be able to 

Evan: sorry. Sorry for the, interruption in the in the rest of the interview. 

Sunny: No as good. That's good.

John: So we'll move along then. And wanted to ask you guys especially with the end of the pandemic now and we're coming up to the end of the pandemic now and being able to get back out to pen shows and that kind of thing. Do you guys have any grail pens that you've got in the barrel?

Sunny: So what to look for us to acquire park T one, I think it's pretty easy. It's just getting one at the correct price, actually for us. 

to be very honest

John: Yep.

Lip: for me, even let's say it's a grill. It will be the quite strip. I [00:27:00] have only seen two in real life so far. 

Sunny: And actually I would try to acquire one out of Japan, but there was a beating war and at that time I didn't have enough money to continue beating. It was literally, oh, you mean that one? Yes. you literally well beyond my budget 

at the time.

John: Yeah. It's hard when you get into online bidding wars.

Sunny: Yeah, 

Evan: familiar with 

it went for what two rent? 

Lip: No, the bill

a little bit interesting. It actually came out as a whole set. there was a white strike when there says there's a few other things in there. so the entire set, initially, when we went out for close to about 1000 us thereabouts.

Then after apparently the buyer then bought the set. He split up the entire set. The white strike came out again for sale. And I think the [00:28:00] final ending bid was slightly over 2000 us.

John: Wow. So that was a nice investment on his part. Doubled his investment in no time.

Lip: but when we look through the set the interesting part was other than the white strike, there was another few more pens that were on value, but that's about it. So we couldn't out why he actually bit the entire set. And then after that, just split up the entire part and just sold it out.

We couldn't see maybe something of nostalgic value inside there. So your guess as good as mine.

John: Yeah. With the grill pens that you do have do you have a good story for how you acquired a grill pen? It sounds like both of you have been in situations where you've had to fight to get some of those pens. So I'm sure there's some good stories.

Sunny: All right. 

One of the stories he's getting a hero at five oh, [00:29:00] integrated nibs at this time it was mentioned on FPN but the, this was quite many years back, more than 10 years back. And I Finding one, let's just say you can't find on eBay at all at that time.

And finding it, it was next to impossible, but I happened upon seller on TA at that time to which had it.

I had to ask my business associate in suto when I was there for what two week longer? Whole production of some and for some full motion, video, 3d animation. I actually had to ask my business partner there to go and help me buy up that pen. Just a acquire one. And it's that hard to get there were, and.

That person actually was, we saw the pen was actually a part-timer and took over a week plus again. So I was actually quite surprised that I actually manage to get it after finding [00:30:00] it. Finding it through lots of Google searching, finding it there, asking my associate to be buy it. And actually they were quite worried whether or not that the money would be lost because the guy didn't even respond 

for a few days.

John: Little sketchy, huh?

Sunny: sketchy and all thing. Cause I, but finally I manage get it. So I'm more, less complete on my integrated new collection from China because I got the two eight, four nines from Singapore, surprisingly from a collector or of eBay, surprisingly and I had to pay ridiculous shipping for even Singapore. 

It was five times 

the shipping rate 

Lip: that he paid for myself, it would be the Murs with my month and year of birth. I initially trans upon the very first one, it was used piece on [00:31:00] Yahoo auctions, Japan. Manage should get that piece after a little bit of WGL here and they're sitting in front of computer last 15 minutes of getting to start ING, then my should get it for maybe about what 200 us thereabouts.

Then a few months later, or two post a year later, I found one another second piece, but this second piece was actually new, old stock. So guess what doing again, literally last 15 minutes sitting in front of computers, time building the thing again.

John: That's cool. Yeah. That's awesome that you've got two pens that were manufactured for your month and year of birth. That's really cool. We're gonna move from pens into paper. I know you guys stock TA Moyer river, including some of the old stock TA moer river, but do you have a favorite paper?

Sunny: for me 

because I work on nibsS. I actually do not have a favorite paper that I use regularly or what to this, because I realize that as a networker, you really shouldn't say that [00:32:00] you need to practice on good quality paper. Despite what my a teacher told me, I would say that you need good quality paper to test a pet.

That I don't quite agree with him. But for me, I would say I, I'm why I usually test my pents with it's actually the standard double a photocopier paper that we get in Singapore, the, a GSM. But as my favorite paper, what I would say is river, we use it specifically for its color correctness because it's the best paper for.

Judging the power of a ink, whether it stands up for everyday use or not, it's pretty available. It crus easily. It's too thin. But just for that one purpose of checking your color for your ink, that's what we use to more 

Lip: for the totally agree. Yeah. 


Yeah. There's one thing I wanted to note [00:33:00] is that all is, as I understand all, pretty much all Japanese papers considered to be washy paper, cuz just cuz washy means Japanese. But I, I did wanna put out a little bit of a warning, the it in regards to some of the washy paper that I've seen come out of Japan. Is how variable it is in terms of how it feathers because of the long fiber content of those papers. It tends to be a little strange in how it feathers. Some of it, you can write on it with the fountain pen and you're just line and there are other parts of the paper and it can be the same sheet of paper.

And it just feathers, like crazy because it got into a longer fiber set. So yeah, just be careful with washy paper, 

Sunny: and another thing actually that most people don't realize is actually you have to be worried also about the humidity. In fact, in Singapore papers do degrade fairly quickly over the years. Cause we have a lot of 

humidity here.[00:34:00] 

John: Yeah. A lot of curling at the edges as well because of the humidity.

Sunny: So do you know that a lot of school a lot of the schools here actually have exam scripts where they have examination paper for the students have to write in what primary school or secondary school. Most of these papers, actually, they store over a period of a year, two years. You realize that they're not actually very good for fountain pen use because humidity.

John: Yep. So I'm gonna go ahead and move along on this one. And I know that lip had a couple of artists that he wanted to talk about, but The Instagram seems to be a great gathering place for different artists. And wanted to see if you guys had any artists that you've followed that our stationary crowd needs to know about.

Lip: That's always our good friend based out of Philippines layer. Yes, 

of myself. If you ask me artists, I will be looking more of things like hardware in a [00:35:00] sense like knives and things like that. So if there's an artist that actually follow or actually look at the stuff that he builds and hopefully own one piece at least.

In the near future Mr. DVY Broadwell studios. he does knives. He does 40 knives fixed knives. He does pens also. So he has turned up I think Los Angeles. Was it? Yeah. I don't think he has ever turned up in San Francisco, although I may be wrong. I can't remember exactly.

John: Okay. Cool. All right. So last question for you guys. What is your favorite purchase stationary or not in the last six months?

Lip: You go ahead. 

Sunny: Let you go. Hate first I been talking, 

Lip: if you're talking about six months The only stationary thing that I portray most probably would be the NAMI and one, but if you're talking about really favorite would be the still form [00:36:00] ink uh, I actually bought a pair, the initial Kickstarter, but that one, a little bit of a problem with the magnetic cap, they actually replaced my pen, which is cool to them.

Do little more wrangling, but yeah. So now I have a pair of pens that I intend to use with my fiance in the near future.

John: Okay. Sunny.

Sunny: PA stationary wise, the okay. Odd and some with cheap Chinese bulletpoint pents that I purchased just because the office was short of products. The only stationary product I sold to purchase was actually something called NA told me like chaser from China, which is actually a platinum 3 70, 76 club, a complete club without the 


So that,

John: nibs.

Sunny: yeah. But it, the reason why it's Alon is because they copy the body, the Mac, [00:37:00] the ceiling mechanism. In fact, I'm actually the first owner of the 3 70, 76 century in what was the color that I bought? Let's see. Yeah, the the. Bogan D was the, I actually own the first one ever sold

and that was covered by the owner of platinum that saw me the first one. So I actually know bought it, but I don't use it on a regular basis because it was tuned by my friend, which is the what do you call networker for this? What what was the name of the company again from flattener?

Because they actually brought it out during a road show to Singapore and they offered it for sale at that time. So it was killed by 

John: was it somebody from Naka?

Sunny: Yep. It was my friend from the time. Yeah, 

Evan: he was, 

Sunny: he was here for a road show, but they brought that pencil. I brought the first one out 

in the [00:38:00] world 

but yeah, that was, but I actually purchased this.

I haven't had time to in it yet until it is because I'm 

being so busy.

John: Yeah guys, I greatly appreciate you coming on and talking with us for a little bit and wish you guys a lot of luck in getting back over to San in Francisco for the Pen show and. Where we're gonna go ahead and sign off. Hope everyone joins the skin in two weeks and be proud of your snail mail.