June 12, 2022

58 Return of the Shiny!

58 Return of the Shiny!

 In today’s episode, we will be talking about getting the Postal Service into shape and shiny pens that you pretty much just get to look at.

USPS Price Increase we missed two months ago: 

Postal Bulletin

Mariachi and Migratory Bird Hunting

Underwhelming set of postmarks except the new Mariachi color postmark

John Oliver Duck Stamps:

That thing got a Hemi? The USPS Cargo Trikes

Zebra Pressurized ballpoint (thanks to friend of the show, Vance)


Midori for notebook of the year? I agree.

The Kaweco Iridescent Pearl Fountain Pen 

Hand lettering on the rise again

Were you envious of your Dad’s toolbox as a kid? Get a caddy box for your laptop! I love the production value of this item.

My favorite recent use of letter writing, kids helping shelter pets!

Dunhill teamed up with Namiki in the 1930 and produce some amazing pens that are now sought after collectors items!

It’s Aztec, but does it have abs?

So GvFC’s main website is greedy on details but the Singapore site gives it up.  The pen has an obsidian grip section!!

Rocket pen (multipen?), yes please!

Benu is back! Now located in Armenia: 


58 Return of the Shiny!

John: [00:00:00] Welcome to episode 58 of Stationery orbit, where we're all here to learn more about creative letter writing. I'm your host John West, and I'm joined by our co-host Evan Harris. In today's episode, we'll be talking about getting the us postal service into shape, and shiny pens that you can pretty much just get to look at.

So Evan, I understand we missed a USPS price increase. 

Evan: That's right. Last year, we covered one as well. So these can be up to, I think, twice a year. And they're based on inflation. Us P is having a 2 cents price increase for first, last one ounce letters. Also just know the first, last letter stamp from 58 cents to sits the census stamp. So all the mail prices are going up approximately 6.5%, which is lower than the yearly inflation rate.

By the bureau of labor statistics, which is 7.9. In addition, the metered, which is basically large volume one ounce letters goes from 53 to 57. The additional ounce goes from 20 to 24. [00:01:00] The domestic postcards are going from 40 to 44. The international letter, one ounce, again, going from one 30 to one 40.

I do not see on this sheet, the increase for non machinable letters, but I will look into that. These are all going into effect on July 10th. And if you have forever stamps, they are going to still do the exact same service that is listed on them.

John: that was one thing I was going to note on this is that. In the past, when I've seen an article like this with a price increase they made a big deal of make sure you get your forever stamps because those don't, they're not gonna change. And this one really didn't hit on that. The one thing that they did hit on in this article is that with the new price increases, the postal service will continue to provide the lowest letter mail postage rates in the industrialized world. 

Evan: Yeah, 

John: that is the truth. 

Evan: So I haven't looked into the updated data. [00:02:00] I know a few weeks ago, I mentioned when we last, talked about it, us postal services were so cheap compared to anywhere else in the world for sending just a national letter and up or universal postal union, which we've talked about in the past as well, prices for international letters and packages are a little more standardized so that you get across countries, but the, it does vary based on what country you're shipping to but it also prevents each country from having to have their own treaty with each other country.

Cuz that's what it would require if you wanted to have. Postal outside of the U and this week I actually learned during 20 18, 19 the, then presidential administration wanted to remove the us from the U P

John: That's not a surprise. 

Evan: no, it's not much of a surprise, but I'm not going to say much more on that, except that I'm very happy. We did not.

John: Yeah, no kidding. Yeah. And as I understand it for the international letter rates there, the us is now creeping up into [00:03:00] the same territory where Singapore is up, but they're nowhere near where the EU is at. I believe the EU is almost twice that price of a, of dollar 40. I think they're in the two 50 range.

Evan: Yeah. I wanna say when I sent a letter from Israel, granted, this would've been 2018. To America, it was close to three bucks.

John: Definitely the cheapest in the industrialized world at this point. But yeah it's interesting to me how, when I was. younger. And this is admittedly 20 years ago. It was such a big deal when they went, I think it was from like 42 to 44 cents. And it was a big deal. Cause it was like the first time it had happened in five years.

And now this is like the third pricing course we've seen in five years. 

Evan: Yeah. And we've talked about this before and even mentioned in the article. This is less than inflation. So the purchasing [00:04:00] power as it were of a stamp remains about the same.

John: Yeah. And mentioning stamps, we have got a new set of stamps coming out and the us P S is going to be coming out with a set of mariachi stamps. 

Evan: right. These are coming out just after the price increase on July 15th. From Albuquerque New Mexico, we have five different designs. I believe a mariachi band is traditionally a five piece set, but. I'm not sure I'm not an expert in anything musical.

John: I can't help you on that one. Sorry. 

Evan: Yeah. But they are wearing the traditional outfit and playing five different instruments, a guitar on which I'm going to apologize in advance for pronunciation of that. And the next one vile, which I think is just. Small guitar and a small violin the VI, a violin and a trumpet. I don't speak Spanish.

So I'm apologizing if for my pronunciation the geometric shapes are also references to Mexican villages where [00:05:00] the music originated the.

John: Yep. And the.

Postmarks that come later in the postal bulletin, the black and white ones. There wasn't anything there that really caught my eye. But again, the color. Post marks for the mariachis. Doesn't quite mirror the stamps, but they're very good. And then the black and white one actually has a traditional Mexican dancer with the big flowing dress.

Evan: That is right. And it looks like there is actually another new stamp that we missed putting in the show notes, initial.

John: Oh, the, I'm sorry. Yeah, the, Mallard ducks or the migratory bird 

Evan: We have the migratory birds $25 stamps. So these are gonna be very useful for your large shipments, not so much your your letters. These are part of a. Yearly release for the bird hunting conservation stamps, anyone who's a fan of John Oliver who has also previously released his own stamps that are now worth even less, cuz those were not forever stamps.

May be familiar [00:06:00] with his team's attempt to get a successful stamp through the contest and going through all of the very, all of the specifics about what you actually have to do that you have to include . Both birds and evidence of bird hunting. So frequently, a lot of the images will have a single spent shotgun canister hidden somewhere in the image.

Because a lot of 

John: for this specific 

Evan: is for this series. 

John: Oh, geez. 

Evan: The John Oliver tried to do like a a duck hunter video game stamp. 

John: Right on, 

Evan: They had a stamp where they had a design where the what was it? It was like the ducks were grading the art, various pieces of art, the were eligible for the contest.

John: right. 

Evan: I will try and link that in the show notes.

John: Please. Yeah, that sounds like something I desperately need to see because there's some things you just can't make up and I'm sure some of the rules for this are just ridiculous, but they'll be fun to watch. 

Evan: They are. And they are [00:07:00] reasonable when you're talking about making a piece of art that is then going to be replicated by the government as, as effectively us currency for several million printings. I do not know if this stamps specifically is semi postal. It does not look like it. But many of the stamps in series like this a portion of the money goes directly to the causes such as there's the breast cancer awareness stamps the PTSD stamps and the such have money going towards the various charitable costs.

John: Yep. And moving through the into the last piece of postal news that we have. And it's the bigger piece of the postal news is they've got a test going on right now. Looks like it's completely down in Florida, but they are testing out new electric tri systems down there. 

Evan: That's right. I as I may have mentioned [00:08:00] on the podcast before I am a big fan of cycling, done almost 3000 kilometers this year. 

John: right on. 

Evan: I'm a fan of people getting out and biking, whatever the way they can. And this is a wonderful way to try and increase the efficiency.

Of the USPS by using modified cargo e-bikes with a mid drive motor with and it appears a belt drive as well, which is just a really cool system.

John: Yeah, they. Parts of this, that kind of sent me down a rabbit hole is that this bike is powered by the Bocshe's cargo line e-bike drive system.

And the part that really got me going on this is it's very directly points out that it's got 85 Newton meters of torque, and it's a 500 wat battery on this wat hour battery.

And I. Immediately thinking to myself, what does 85 Newton meters of [00:09:00] torque relate to? And I couldn't find a decent comparison for that. So I guess we're just gonna have to take their word for it. That it's enough to get 400 pounds of cargo moving from a dead stop. 

Evan: It should be. more than enough to do that. Torque is always interesting how to try and actually 

John: Equate that. 

Evan: equate that. Because it's your it's a Newton meter. It's like putting 85 Newtons on a one meter rod. But for anyone who wants to use instead, Imperial measurements.

That's about 63 pound feet of torque or, yeah, sorry. Yeah. Pound. Yeah, that'd be about 63 pound feet or about a quarter or about 2% of a, what hour?

John: okay. Yeah. So these are going to be up to 400 pounds of cargo. They've got hydraulic disc brakes on [00:10:00] them, which you would absolutely have to have even normal mechanical. Disc brakes would not be enough to stop a 400 pound vehicle if it were on any kind of a decline. So yeah, that's gonna have to be hydraulics to stop that.

The one thing 

Evan: Most racer, most pro racing bikes have hydraulic disc brakes on them. Now.

John: yep. And the design feature that I found. Odd about this and they do justify it at some point in the article, is that the wheels on the back that are on the tricycle portion of it under the cargo are much shorter than the main bike tire on the front. And they said that they did that in order to reduce the center of gravity for the actual cargo load.

But to me, it seems just extra parts that could go wrong. That would be harder to replace rather than [00:11:00] putting the full size bike tires on the back where it would be a standardized size. 

Evan: So yeah, they're smaller than what is considered the overall standard, which is 700 C, but it, they appear to me to be a standard sized wheel so that you would still be able to get them. It is more akin to the wheels that you might find on a children's bike, but it is a size of wheel and part that is gonna still be produced on mass.

John: Yeah, the other thing I thought was interesting about the pictures in the article is that the front tire on this almost looks like it is a mountain bike size tire, but then they put a low profile cruiser tire on it. 

Evan: I've seen that on a lot of e-bikes. 

John: have you. Okay. Yeah.

I'm not familiar enough with the e-bikes, which is apparent from my having to look very hard at what the Bosch E drive system was. .Yeah, 

Evan: Yeah, it is very popular in [00:12:00] for a lot of e-bikes. They Bosch does a very good system. And if I recall it's belt driven my college roommate actually interned for the people who make the belts. 

John: I was looking at, the invol envi en VLO C V T as an automatic transmission for this, which is also something that I've seen in the belt drives. That are coming out now they call 'em a, I think they call 'em a universal transmission. And yeah, so this is just gonna be a dead easy bike to ride. And it'll be interesting to see if they actually do go into service. 

Evan: I hope so it'll be a great option for a lot of places.

John: Yeah, I know that here in Singapore, something like that would. Go over extremely well, because you never have to worry about freezing temperatures here. You have to worry about rain every single day. so having the enclosure wouldn't be an option, but yeah, it's definitely something that I'd expect to see over here.

One final note I wanted to make about this [00:13:00] and I don't think they talked about it in the article, but I did see it on. A related website is that, that, and actually it was through the manufacturer's website. That cargo box is 36 inches across. And that is a specific design measurement because there are cities in the us that anything that is considered a real bike cannot be wider than 36 inches in order to ride on bicycle path.

Evan: Yeah, so it'll fit on every bike path or it should fit on every bike path in the nation. Uh, Their use might also increase the number of bike paths as PE more people see biking as a viable alternative, especially as the price of gas increases. But even if they decided that they wanted them to be wider the federal government could overrule , the city statutes about what counts as a, about use on bike paths.

However, if the bike path is designed around a [00:14:00] maximum of 36 inches, they can't design it around that, or they can't legislate around that.

John: Yeah. You, if you're gonna drop a wheel off of the bike path, you're gonna drop a wheel off there's you can't legislate past physics, which I'm sure greatly frustrates all of the legislators. 

Evan: The legislature of Indiana at one point tried to tried to legislate pie to be 3.2

John: Oh, no, they don't even understand rounding. That's horrible. 

Evan: athlete. 

John: That's horrible. 

Evan: I know there are plenty of jokes about engineers rounding gravity to 10, 

John: Yeah. 

Evan: but no, they tried to estimate pie to be 3.2.

John: okay. So ,, we're going to go from bad de bad decisions to good decisions. And we actually had. One of our listeners, a friend of the show Vance that sent us in the email and in the email was a link to a zebra X 7 0 1 retractable ballpoint pen. And this [00:15:00] is Zebra's pressurized refill ballpoint.

And I have taken a look at the actual article or not the article, but the item from zebra. I have not been able to compare the refills against what is in the light scribe pen, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that pressurized refill will fit into the light scribe pen. So here's still hoping 

Evan: There's only one way to find out at this point. 

John: yep. Buy both pens and stuff it in there. Yep. 

Evan: also says at the moment it says with a patent pending pressurized barrel. So I wonder what they're doing different.

John: It I'm sure it's gotta be one of those things that like, or Unni has their power tank. Of course Fisher has The space pen I think even the space pen, it says patent pending on it. I don't think that there's a, been an actual issued patent for that. And yeah, I think you and I are both gonna do the [00:16:00] same thing and I've got a.

Fisher pen on my desk. Let's go look.

Evan: The space pen was Fisher P Fisher himself. In fact was issued a pattern for the space pen in 1965, 

John: Okay. There 

you go.

Evan: patent us 3, 2 85, 2 2 8, a.

John: So that is no longer patent pending. Yep. Nice. 

Evan: It is inspired though. 

John: Is it. 

Evan: A pattern from the sits, these, you only get about 20 years of the patent that times. How long exactly you get changes. It would've been six or it would've been 17.

John: So yeah, it's definitely something that pressurized pens. Are definitely a very niche item, but for the people who need them, they really need pressurized pens like that. And I'm falling into that category of being one of those people. So thank you very much, zebra for putting that out. 

Evan: Yeah. And one. A lot of people have [00:17:00] probably heard the story about how the Americans spent millions of dollars developing the space pen. And the Russians used the pencil. Paul Fisher spent millions of his private company dollars to develop the anti-gravity pen as it is called it in the patent.

Also known as the Fisher space pen and then the Russians bought them as well.

John: Yes, they did. Yeah. It's one of those. Was it a lie makes its way all the way around the world before the truth is tied its shoes. So when you have a story like that, that has such a great punchline. It's gonna get a lot more traction than the boring, old truth, which is that a private individual put a lot of his own money and time and effort into advancing the space race in the most mundane way you could think of yet he created an amazingly popular product. So mentioning. Awesome products. We have got an article in here from craft [00:18:00] business, and this is the winners from the Stationery matters awards for 2022. And I will admit. that a good portion of this list on here includes brands that I have never heard of, but towards the middle and bottom, we have got two good old friends that are on the list.

One is the notebook journal of the year that goes to MD paper for the MD paper journal. CodeDX one day, one page, which as I understand was I believe that was one of Brad Dowdy's journals for a while. The one day one page. 

Evan: I think so either that, or he was using a different journal and doing a page a day. I'm pretty sure all of these brands were exhibited at the London pen show, 

John: Yeah, I 

Evan: is. 

John: you're correct. Yeah. There, 

Evan: Because as much, I've actually never used an MD paper Meor or MD paper notebook yet. I've only heard great things. I still would've pitch to Musubi

John: definite shout out to a friend of the show Darrell and the Musubi notebooks. We, I need to get him back on the show. We [00:19:00] definitely need an update. I have seen some rumblings on Instagram that he is back up to something, so we've gotta figure out what he is up to. And then the other item on this is the Kaweco.

And this is such a weird. listing for this Kaweco from studio pens, limited Kaweco collection, iridescent fountain pen. So I've actually put a different link in the show notes that is out to the cult pens link for this. But yeah, the iridescent. Kaweco pocket pen or Kaweco sport definitely made its way onto Instagram earlier this year when they announced the pen.

And that one's a worthy one for a annual award. I think. 

Evan: It is a very neat looking color. The Kaweco sport's a little too small for me, so I don't have any especially not liking to post my pens. But it's a very popular pen and for good reason. And there are quite a few people who I can imagine getting this [00:20:00] pen.

John: Yeah. My only complaint about the Kaweco plastic pens, which the. Falls into that category is that they're a little too light for my taste. I've got one of their brass pocket pens and that is an absolutely wonderful pocket pen.

Evan: Yeah. I've considered getting that. I just haven't yet.

John: Yeah, I think for me it's important to have a pen that's heavy enough that you can tell if it's in your pocket or not. The plastic ones just missed. Yeah. And then from pens into what you do with pens, with writing with the. Lifting of so many of the COVID restrictions here recently, the uptick in weddings is happening, which means there is an uptick in demand for wedding invites.

So for all of you that need use for your. Calligraphy pens and your fountain pens, if you are into copper plate and [00:21:00] hand lettering, dig out that calligraphy pen that, that fountain pen and get to work because there's an uptick in demand for hand lettered invites. And we've got an article in the show notes from the mint lounge. Talking about the rise in hand lettering demand, and a little bit of discussion in here about actual style for hand lettering. So it's a fun little article if you're into that. And we're gonna go back into the design realm. This is an item.

The next item that's in here is from. Yako design from their website. And this is a carry along desk caddy. And I think Evan and I were both of the same opinion. We love the look of this. We love the design. I don't think either of us are gonna use it.

Evan: I it's designed to look like a, an old toolbox. I think it really feels like [00:22:00] it is a. To me at least like it's a design project to reimagine something. It's pretty neat. Especially if you have a laptop, I don't think it's practical though. Laptop sticks out would stick out awkwardly when not in use.

But it is really cool looking, 

bent wood.

John: Yeah. When you scroll down toward the bottom, they have a marked up set of three pictures, showing it fully closed, open with just an iPhone in the front and then open with a MacBook tilted up on it. And to me, this is definitely one of those things. If all you wanted was something, say you lived in a three story house and you wanted something to carry your laptop from the third floor to the basement, and you really needed something to put a few items in.

This would probably be a really neat solution, but like walking it down to the coffee shop, that MacBook is way too [00:23:00] exposed to damage. 

Evan: Yeah. So if you're moving just around the home or the office, I can understand it, but I would not want to take this outside unless it's your back.

John: Yeah. And yeah it's a neat design. It's a neat concept. Definitely wanted to include it in the show notes. Just because there are occasions where not even with a MacBook, I could see this being a good item for a. Writing like letter desk. If you were to put a clipboard into that front slot, it would give you the proper writing angle on it.

I don't know if that front slot though would hold the clipboard solidly enough. 

Evan: Even if you just put a clipboard on there to help hold your old letter and was writing on the desk in front of it, it'd be very nice for that. 

John: Yeah, possibly. 

Evan: So you can easily read what to what you are replying and have space for all of your etra mall for decorating and letter locking.

John: Yep.

Plenty of room for washi and [00:24:00] wax seals.

Evan: Yep.

John: Yep. And then the next item in the show notes, we're going to go into letter writing. This is actually the only letter writing article I have in this week's show notes, but this is definitely one of my favorite uses for letter writing that I've seen here in the last couple of months.

And. a group of kids from a elementary school up in and I'm not going to even try to pronounce the name of the city, but it is from the Vancouver area, what they call the Tri-City Vancouver area. And there's an animal shelter up there where they've got. A set of pets that are up for adoption, that if they've had a hard time getting them adopted out and the students have started writing letters for each of these animals.

And It's pleased, if you adopt her, this will, the dog will help you lose weight.

Evan: It's a [00:25:00] adorable, and it is a very cute lifting dog, but it one of the animals that needs to be adopted is an 11 year old Husky. It was very cute.

John: Yeah, And the each of the animals is getting a letter written for them and it is just yeah, the Husky will you adopt me? I'll help you stay active. and. 

Evan: A very good use of letter writing.

John: Yep. Yeah, definitely go look at that. And then we're going to jump into a series of websites here, starting with the style website. And it took me a little bit to get my head wrapped around what exactly this article was because I had not heard of a Dunhill fountain pen, let alone a Dunhill Namiki Micki fountain pen.

And turns out that there's a reason for that these pens were created back in the 1920s and thirties. And this is of course when Namiki was just a young brand as well as where [00:26:00] Dunhill was out at the time. But Namiki and Dunhill collaborated and Namiki did. Maier work on the Dunhill pens and created a Dunhill Namiki turtle fountain pen, and just worth it to put in the show notes, cuz it is a gorgeous piece of maki-e


Evan: And continuing the streak of pens, we will never own because they are absurdly expensive. And, but also very well done. Beautifully done. I love maki-e

John: yeah. So it turns out that dun hill. Was a, or is a luxury brand. They no longer make fountain pens, but they do make a lot of men's wear. And it is very much lined up for the quote unquote gentleman. Apparently Dunhill started their life making cigarette cases and then moved into watches and lighters and men's wear and fountain pens for a while.

And they have since moved out of those [00:27:00] areas. But yeah, they're a luxury. and we're going to keep the momentum going with pens that are beautiful and completely unknowable because of , how how expensive they are. And we have the graph of on fabric Castel pen.

of the year, 2022. And this is based on the Aztec. 

Evan: Yeah, it's a really neat looking pen. Every year, unsurprisingly, with a name like pen of the year graph on fabric. Castel does a pen of the year wasn't last. Year's just called pen of the year. Something like that. There. I remember there was drama around that. But this is a really neat pen, both from a, honestly less from a design, but from an engineering materials perspective where they've managed to make the grip such an out of obsidian, which is a really hard material to work with.

John: Yep. Yeah. Obsidian for anyone that is not a geologist is a type of igneous rock that is formed from [00:28:00] rapidly cooling lava. And this is it's a micro crystal in quartz and the obsidian in the past was actually used as a chipped. fragment for scalpels for surgery because of how sharp those shards are. But as Evan pointed out, any kind of a micro crystal in quartz, if you get a bit into it wrong, it will just shatter into little pieces on you.

So hats off to Grafton fiber Castel for being able to work with.

that material. 

Evan: Yeah. So though you actually can still get obsidian, scalpels. They're more durable, but. More, much more expensive. So it's a surgeon's choice. The pen, the founding pen itself is a plunger mechanism, which is always nice. The body is is charcoal with a charcoal color with skulls in, later on the outside.

John: [00:29:00] they've got the article says it is an anthro site grade DLC coding. Again, I'm I

keep coming back to this. I'm gonna have to put it in the show notes. I'm gonna have to give another hat tip to Mike Hurley in one of his podcasts, Mike Hurley does a podcast with the guys from studio neat called thoroughly considered. And that was where I originally heard about the DLC coding because of how much they talked about the various codings and how they were manufacturing the mark one, which was their ball point pen, where they went back to the drawing board and completely redesigned the knock to make it super clicky.

And the DLC coding. Was how they got the nickel plating onto the original mark one NOx.

Evan: Yeah, it is a really neat method DLC it's frequently used for an industry for both hardness codings and in some semiconductor manufacturing of course, different materials that you are coding, [00:30:00] but. 

John: Yeah, That's

a, it's an electrolysis plating mechanism. Isn't. 

Evan: I believe so.

John: Yeah. so.

yeah, they they did the DLC coding and they put a skull pattern on it, which is reminiscent of Mexico. City's pyramid shaped tempo mayor. And that was where the Aztecs offered their human sacrifices to their gods. So the reason for all the availability of skills and I also put a link in here.

The graph one fabric castells main website does not want to talk about their 20, 22 fountain pen, but their Singapore website did. So I've got a link in there to their Singapore website. So you can actually see a few more pictures of this pen. And yeah, it is really a cool looking pen. The obsidian section matches surprisingly well with the.

The anthro site, DLC coding. 

Evan: Yeah. And I also really like the small disc of [00:31:00] turquoise and the F,

John: Oh, thank you for bringing that up. Yes, 

Evan: which has an, an Eagle engraved. Which is another symbol of the, Aztecs and now of the modern nation of Mexico, who gets a lot of their culture and tradition from Aztec as the asset capital is now known as Mexico city.

John: detail. And this is going to be a limited addition and they're limiting the manufacturer to 375 pieces. This is another one of those things where if you have to ask you can't afford it and they don't even bother to offer how much this thing costs. So I'm not even gonna guess. 

Evan: Yeah,

John: So we're going to move along. And we were actually thinking about the. We were thinking about the Dunhill pen and Evan brought up the idea of looking on chattery luxuries for that pen. Didn't find that, but we did manage to find, or he [00:32:00] managed to find something else. And there is a link in the show notes now for the romaine Jerome moon fighter heavy metal fountain pen.

This is totally worth going to look at. This is something that I.

don't think most people will ever own in their lifetime, but what a wonderful thing to have made and in existence in the world, this just makes me happy. 

Evan: Same here. It looks kind of

A why am I suddenly blinking out battles? The fighters from Battlestar Atlantica Vipers? It looks kinda like one of the Vipers from battle star from Battlestar Atlantica. 

Which is an amazing show and it is just, it's a pretty pen. I think there are a few variants in which metals you can get it in based on a little bit more searching, but this is a pen I might have to add to try and find.

John: Yeah. This one. Okay. So th this is just my, the way my, my brain works. The, and it's silly, but when I first [00:33:00] saw this, my first thought is like one of the bigger brands, like LaMi that already makes a multi pen should totally take this design. And accentuate the fins for their actuators, for their multi pen, and then make a rocket stand like this for their multi pens. 

Evan: That would be really, that would be a really cool way

John: And so that was where my brain went. But yeah I love the look of this pen and. Evan was saying that and this makes complete sense because this manufacturer outta Switzerland, he also makes watches and some of those watches are, yeah, very James Bond looking things. 

Evan: Yeah, a lot of really cool watches from remain Jerome as.

John: Yeah. And then the last item on our show notes, and this is something that I wanted to hold off until the end, [00:34:00] just because Benu pens not only makes pens, but they are back into making pens and they have relocated from Russia to Armenia. So hats off to Benu pens for Making a difficult decision making a I'm sure it had to have been a difficult move, but they did so for the right reasons.

And so yeah, complete hat tip to

Evan: Yeah. And for anyone who doesn't know but the owner and founder of Benu pens has been very outspoken about the Russian government and about Russia's war in Ukraine. And. From what I've seen dating back a significant time. So the move to so the move was one, not just because he, oh, he wants to keep selling pens, but putting his money where his mouth is as if in Russia protesting, didn't already do that enough, which he's been arrested in Russia several times for protesting.

I, my interest in Benu pens has grown up significantly also, cuz I think they've released some cool stuff now. [00:35:00] Or some they've always released interesting things. I think they've released a few more interesting ones I've seen at least recently.

John: Yeah, they've definitely got some cool stuff and they were definitely one of the bigger names in the glitter pen scene. That, from what I've seen here in recent years, but I, I love the idea of voting with your. And deciding that if you don't like the politics in the country, you're in move to a different country.


Absolutely. And it is not like Russia is a democracy where you can vote with your.

John: well, even, Even in the United States, there are plenty of cases where people have had to vote with their feet because of state issues. 

Evan: oh, absolutely. I'm well aware of that.

John: Yeah, it was good stuff. Good episode. I love looking at pens and this is I've. I've gotten in, into this part of my hobby now with the fountain pens where I'm pretty happy with the fountain [00:36:00] pens that I have with me. And now I've just gotten to the point where I enjoy seeing what the fountain pen community is doing.

What. tracking what they're following, what the new makers are making, but I don't really feel like I have got FOMO where I've gotta go get this new pen or I've gotta go see what this new thing is, but it is definitely fun to track what they're doing. 

Evan: There are a few pens I'm still trying to get. And I've talked about them on the podcast before, like the like emperor I want to get a LAN 1 49 or. Special edition 1 49, but yeah, I'm not

John: Yeah I agree. There are definitely a few grail pens that are definitely still on the radar, but you've gotta save up for those. I've washed my hands of ConEd because I don't expect them to come back into the sector at this point. Which means all of their existing stock that's out in the market is [00:37:00] gonna be exceptionally expensive. 

Evan: Yeah, I'm not buying a used one, but if if they I'm gonna say when instead when they return I'm buying one immediately. 

John: Ah, somebody's keeping his fingers crossed and keeping the lamp lit for them. Yeah, good deal. That's gonna do it for this episode of Stationery orbit. Thank you all for tuning in. We'll see you in two weeks. Be proud of your snail mail.