March 7, 2021

More action against Paper Source

More action against Paper Source

This information came in after our "Emergency episode" was recorded but I wanted to pass this along: 
You can use your LinkedIn account to tell their CEO, Winnie Park, to return the stolen merchandise. Ms. Park is also a board member at Dollar Tree and Express.  You can also ask Dollar Tree and Express to remove her from their boards.

As an example, here is my note I sent to Winnie Park via LinkedIn:
With the announcement of the Paper Source bankruptcy last week, any letterpress orders that Paper Source cannot pay for should be returned to their creators.  Morally, any other action is theft.  

Now, you don't have to listen to me or anybody else, but the word is spreading quickly through the stationery community, and your seemingly efficient business move of reducing your debts by hurting small letterpress shops is going to net you a customer loss that Paper Source is going to have a hard time surviving. 

Just consider that when your bankruptcy goes through, there are other currencies other than cash in the business world.  

Formal regards,

John West

Host, Stationery Orbit Podcast